Hobo Wine Tasting

Sample some of the finest wines $2.50 can buy. Our improvisers/sommeliers will take you on a taste journey through the farthest reaches of Boulevard all the way to the Krog Street Tunnel. 

Terrible Caricatures

Ever wonder what you and your love would look if you were captured on canvas by a 2 year old? Now you can as our highly untrained artists create beautiful stick figures of your love.

Flip Cup Tournament

It's like college but outside.

Shut the Box

There is math involved but it is still super fun. And you can win some great prizes!


Wheelchair Obstacle Course

While it looks dangerous and like something drunk people should never do... actually it is dangerous and something drunk people should never do.

Karen's Kompliments

Karen is one the sweetest people you will ever meet. We have taken that sweetness and found a way to use it for our own financial gain!! Come on by and she will tell you what she likes about you.

Dr. Boobies

 Our boobs expert will accurately guess your bra size. This is a real booth.

Mistress Scraps: Fortune Teller

While Whitney has no real ability or training you will still be amazed by how inaccurate her predictions are. 

Naughty Face Painting

You get the idea.